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Our vision

Growing up in small towns in Norway, we didn’t have easy access to spiritual tools and like minded people. We had to work with what we had and be creative. Coven lunatic is essentially everything we wished we had as we started our practice. Lunatic is a store that stocks everything we’ve been dreaming of but haven’t found at the local store. However, it is also a coven. A sacred space where you can find people to connect with through spirituality and growth. We want our customers to feel what we felt when we met each other for the first time and realised there were more people out there like us. 

Love Nelly and Sandra

Your local witches

Our values

Coven Lunatic is founded by two vegan witches, that care about the environment and all beings on this earth. All of our products are vegan and we try to be as sustainable as possible. 

We buy our crystals from a local wholesaler. Our supplier buys them directly from small family businesses and the payment goes directly to the worker. We do neither support or contribute to slavery or child labor. 

In our products, we focus on mainly using ingredients that we harvest locally ourselves. Doing this we ensure that we are taking care of mama earth as well as developing a relationship with our ingredients, spells and products.

Our witches

Sandra Nystad Johansen

Our green witch

Hello! My name is Sandra and I am the green witch of Coven Lunatic. I am currently studying biopathy at Tunsberg Medicinal School and astrology at Herkules Astrology School to grow my practice even further. My background is media and communication education at Glemmen and yoga education with acupressure and shiatsu at Hadeland Folkhighschool. My practice is following the green path of witchcraft with focus on crystals, essential oils and herbs gathered by myself in the Norwegian forests.

Instagram: @sandranyjo

Phone: +47 90910054

E-mail: sandranyjo@gmail.com


Nelly Alapnes

Our love witch

My name is Nelly and I am Coven Lunatic’s Love Witch. I grew up in a small place in Northern Norway. From an early age, I loved collecting stones and crystals. I admired their beauty as well as their energy. I was raised to be open minded and trust my intuition. 
Wanting to see and experience more than what my small hometown could offer, i moved to Hadeland where I studied Yoga and finally met Sandra, our Green witch. 
I am still learning a lot about myself, my practice and my path. For example, I’m in the beginning of my astrology studies. 
My practice is focused on self love and love in general. I’ve used crystal, tarot and witchcraft as tools to build a healthy relationship with myself. It’s been crucial for my growth and well being. That is why I feel the desire to inspire others to take self love seriously and imply it to their everyday life.

Instagram: @nbbygrl

E-mail: nelly.kristin.alapnes@gmail.com