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Amethyst energy wand
Amethyst energy wand

Amethyst energy wand

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Nelly keeps her amethyst in her bedroom. Away from direct sunlight (so the dark purple colour doesn’t fade) and close to her bed, so that she can benefit from the calming energy. 

Both Nelly and Sandra use amethyst a lot when tuning into their intuition or for divination. It is a crystal very connected to the third eye and higher chakras. Very helpful for spiritual growth and magic. 

Chakra: Third eye and crown

Energy wand

Energy wands are used to draw in and direct healing energies to specific areas, and some witches use them to open a circle of protection before doing rituals.

Many healers use their wands to intuitively scan the entire energy body,  feeling for lulls and blockages in the auric field. If a problem is identified, the wands point is used to direct healing energy to the specific location.  Many times the wand never physically touches the body; other times, the points may be touched to pressure points to heal specific ailments.