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Baby witch
Baby witch

Baby witch

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The perfect beginner crystal kit if you dont know where to start. These crystals covers all the basic energies we usually work with and they are a safe start since these crystals will always be loved for their energies no matter how advanced you are in your practice.



Obsidian or onyx if sold out

Our witches use obsidian to protect their energy. If you often feel like you’re leaking out energy when you’re surrounded by people, carry an obsidian with you. 

It is also a great crystal for shadow work. 

Chakra: Root


Rose quartz

The rose quartz is the love crystal of all love crystals. Both of our witches use this crystal for their self love spells and rituals. 

Our love witch, Nelly naturally works a lot with rose quartz. It is perfect for self love, attracting love, deepening love and taking care of your heart chakra. 

Chakra: Heart



Nelly keeps her amethyst in her bedroom. Away from direct sunlight (so the dark purple colour doesn’t fade) and close to her bed, so that she can benefit from the calming energy. 

Both Nelly and Sandra use amethyst a lot when tuning into their intuition or for divination. It is a crystal very connected to the third eye and higher chakras. Very helpful for spiritual growth and magic. 

Chakra: Third eye and crown



Named after the greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Selenite is a healing and cleansing crystal. Nelly had her first encounter with the mineral when she discovered that it helped her calm her anxiety. Sandra also uses it to ease back pain. Both of our witches keep selenite around to cleanse the energy around them.

Selenite is a soft and fragile crystal. Do not cleanse it in water. 

Chakra: Crown


Clear quartz

In Norway we would say that the clear quartz is the potato of crystals, you can use it for everything! It has healing properties and you can replace and crystal with a clear quartz and your intentions. Because of its high frequency, it is very useful for raising your vibration. Perfect if you need to align better with what you want to manifest. 

Chakra: Crown and third eye



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