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Chakra crystal kit
Chakra crystal kit

Chakra crystal kit

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Red jasper

A crystal that can make it easier to understand why difficult situations occur. If you can understand a situation clearly, you can also deal with it more easily. A grounding stone that can connect you to the earth.

Chakra: Root



A brave and healing crystal. Helpful to overcome abuse. Calming and strengthening. Good for trusting yourself and your instincts. Makes a situation appear clearer. 

Chakra: Sacral


Orange calcite (sold out and changed with yellow calcite)

A great crystal to give hope, warmth, joy, motivation and inspiration. A soothing against depression and anxiety as well as the artist’s best friend, keep orange calcite and sodalite around you when working on creative projects!

Chakra:  Solar plexus


Rose quartz

The rose quartz is the love crystal of all love crystals. Both of our witches use this crystal for their self love spells and rituals. 

Our love witch, Nelly naturally works a lot with rose quartz. It is perfect for self love, attracting love, deepening love and taking care of your heart chakra. 

Chakra: Heart



A stone to help you reclaim your voice and speak your truth. Can help you connect your third eye and throat chakra, thereby expressing your true self. Great for communication, creating harmony and building trust.

Chakra: Throat


Nelly keeps her amethyst in her bedroom. Away from direct sunlight (so the dark purple colour doesn’t fade) and close to her bed, so that she can benefit from the calming energy. 

Both Nelly and Sandra use amethyst a lot when tuning into their intuition or for divination. It is a crystal very connected to the third eye and higher chakras. Very helpful for spiritual growth and magic. 

Chakra: Third eye



A feminine crystal that is said to help you create balance and focus on your life. Love only, no drama.

Helpful for cleansing your aura.

Chakra: Crown