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Divination witch crystal kit

Divination witch crystal kit

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Nelly keeps her amethyst in her bedroom. Away from direct sunlight (so the dark purple colour doesn’t fade) and close to her bed, so that she can benefit from the calming energy. 
Both Nelly and Sandra use amethyst a lot when tuning into their intuition or for divination. It is a crystal very connected to the third eye and higher chakras. Very helpful for spiritual growth and magic. 

Purple fluorite is known to deepen our psychic awareness and helps you with a third eye opening. It is also used for psychic or mental protection to keep your energy safe. 

Used by many to create a protective energetical shield to keep low frequency and negative energy away. This can help if you get easily drained and tired from being social. It is also good for pushing through a hard patch in your life, gain inner strength and willpower.