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Ancestor connection crystal kit

Ancestor connection crystal kit

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The perfect crystal kit to help you through ancestral work.

Platina obsidian

A crystal used to bring physical and emotional pain into the light so that you can work through it and let go. It is protective and can help you find balance in turbulent times. Also said to help with grief and trusting the process.

A rare type of obsidian, found in Mexico.


Can help you connect to your guides as well as remember your past lives. Great for evolving.


The dreamy blue shade gives the celestite a celestial look. It is good for clear communication, especially with spirit guides or your intuition.


A healing and calming crystal. It is said to be “the crystal of prophets”. Helpful when you do divination such as tarot. Also said to reduce nightmares.


A crystal often used in healing ceremonies because of its high frequency and healing energy. It is said to be of great help during meditation and to balance feminine and masculine energy.