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Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet
Crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelet

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Our witches use obsidian to protect their energy. If you often feel like you’re leaking out energy when you’re surrounded by people, carry an obsidian with you. 

It is also a great crystal for shadow work. 

Chakra: Root



Nelly keeps her amethyst in her bedroom. Away from direct sunlight (so the dark purple colour doesn’t fade) and close to her bed, so that she can benefit from the calming energy. 

Both Nelly and Sandra use amethyst a lot when tuning into their intuition or for divination. It is a crystal very connected to the third eye and higher chakras. Very helpful for spiritual growth and magic. 

Chakra: Third eye and crown



The fluorite can be used as a magnifier for other crystals and energies. As well as focusing energy, it can also help you to focus your attention and make it easier for you to concentrate. A perfect study crystal.

Chakra: Varies depending on it’s colour



A stone to help you reclaim your voice and speak your truth. Can help you connect your third eye and throat chakra, thereby expressing your true self. Great for communication, creating harmony and building trust.

Chakra: Throat


Clear quartz

In Norway we would say that the clear quartz is the potato of crystals, you can use it for everything! It has healing properties and you can replace any crystal with a clear quartz and your intentions. 

Because of its high frequency, it is very useful for raising your vibration. Perfect if you need to align better with what you want to manifest. 

Chakra: crown and third eye


Snow quartz

A feminine and calm crystal that is said to help you see life clearer, thereby giving you a more positive and high frequency view on life. It is also known for being used to connect with your higher self or spirit guides. 

Chakra: Crown



The name aventurine comes from the italian word “aventura”. The translation is “by chance”. This is a lucky stone, great for attracting prosperity. 

It has a soothing energy which can be used to work through emotional issues.

Chakra: Heart



One of the most grounding crystals which instantly gives you a feeling of stability and safety. Perfect if you feel your life is full of chaos and you just want some grounded stability. This crystal makes you understand that everything is as it should be, and you are okay. It tells you to breathe and let the universe unfold at its own pace.

Chakra: Root


A crystal that can help you live in the moment, expand and break the rules of society. Exactly what can help you move forward if you feel stuck. Keep it in your pocket while you’re chasing your dreams.

Chakra: Heart


Tiger’s eye

The tiger’s eye is a combination of sun energy and the earth element. The result is a grounded and balanced vibration. 

A great crystal to amplify your power and overcome blockages. It is fearless and energizing. Perfect for building confidence.

Chakra: Solar plexus