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Crystal pendant
Crystal pendant
Crystal pendant

Crystal pendant

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Self love pendant

Rose quartz

The rose quartz is the love crystal of all love crystals. Both of our witches use this crystal for their self love spells and rituals. 

Our love witch, Nelly naturally works a lot with rose quartz. It is perfect for self love, attracting love, deepening love and taking care of your heart chakra. 

Chakra: Heart


Confidence pendant


A brave and healing crystal. Helpful to overcome abuse. Calming and strengthening. Good for trusting yourself and your instincts. Makes a situation appear clearer. A confidence boost in a crystal.

Chakra: Root, sacral


Protection pendant


Our witches use obsidian to protect their energy. If you often feel like you’re leaking out energy when you’re surrounded by people, carry an obsidian with you. 

It is also a great crystal for shadow work. 

Chakra: Root