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Tarot readings with our Green Witch

Tarot readings with our Green Witch

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*Read the entire text before booking*

Hello - I am Sandra, the green witch of Coven Lunatic!

I have used the divination method tarot for multiple years now and I am well suited to guide you and answer any of the questions you might have. I often do readings outside, or in the nearby forest to get extra guidance from the nature around me. In my eyes tarot is a way to communicate with our spirit to bring guidance and bring light to what we need to see, so we break free from our patterns and shift towards the reality we are meant to be in or a great tool if you just simply need help with decisions and dont know what path to choose next!

I offer readings in person or as a PDF file to your e-mail.

Answer these questions in the notes in the cart if you order a PDF-file, I dont need any information before hand on in person readings, but you may inform me about your situation if you wish so.

1. What do you want your reading to be about?* (You can say that you want what you need to hear, or specify a problem you have or a decision you need to make.) You can include two questions/problems in a 3 cards reading or up to five questions in a 7 cards reading.

2. What is your sunsign? (You can include moon and rising if you have that information)


3 cards readings lasts up to 30 minutes while 7 cards readings lasts up to 1h, I only offer the 7 card readings in person.

Let me know which day suits you in the notes at the cart if you want a reading in person, and I will come back to you with confirmation on the date on e-mail or message. 

The in person readings will be at our address Rosteds Gate 11, 0178 Oslo and the online readings will be done the moment I am available, this is normally within a week, unless I inform you otherwise.