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Tarot readings with our Love Witch

Tarot readings with our Love Witch

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Hello love, I'm Nelly, the love witch of Coven Lunatic. I am sensitive to energies, practice being in touch with my intuition and use tarot as my main form of divination. I offer a 3+ card reading about a subject of your choosing.

I specialize in self love and love readings, but I also do general readings. 

Usually I will draw 3 tarot cards and 1-2 oracle or goddess cards. Sometimes more, but never less. Each reading is different and I vary between different decks and number of cards depending on what my intuition tells me to use. Sometimes I use a pendulum and astro dice. 

The reading will be sent to you in writing by email. It will include my in depth interpretation of each individual card as well as the overall energy of the reading. I will also include pictures of the cards and my altar or the surface I am working on while doing the reading (you are free to post these pictures anywhere as long as you tag/mention me). 

My readings are online based and do NOT require you to meet in person. They will be done within 2 weekd unless I message you saying otherwise.

When placing an order for a reading, please state if you have a topic or question for your reading, or if you just want me to ask the cards what you need to hear right now. You can use the "notes" section in your cart for this.
You are free to write about yourself or your situation if you feel like it, but I do not require any other knowledge than your name in order for me to do the reading. 

Thank you,

your Love Witch